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    The soft-crunch of toffee sweetness, the snap of fresh almonds and the indulgence of the top-tier butter and chocolate combine in a memorable taste experience that is second to none.  This is the experience only Darby’s English Toffee can create.

    Whether giving client gifts, planning wedding favors or choosing an indulgent treat for family or friends, the quality of your selection reflects your superb taste. Anyone can give the ordinary. Choose the extraordinary. Hand-made artisanal, authentic Darby’s English Toffee. 

    Choose the Distinction of Genuine Quality


    Grown above ground in tropical breezes,  only the finest pure cane sugar is used to sweeten our toffee.

    Fresh, preservative-free butter, and the artisan’s experienced touch create Darby’s lasting buttery flavor.

    Our Guittard single-origin couverture chocolate has been crafted in the French tradition for five generations.

    Darby’s never scrimps on our quality almonds. 

    Our  experienced finesse and passion for toffee perfection add up to the  hand-made, small-batch goodness that distinguishes Darby’s English  Toffee. The reasons are simple. Fresh ingredients. Hand-made to order.  Preservative free. Never frozen or stored for months at a time. That’s  why our quality is plain to see and savor